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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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what are you seeing? >> just plain rain. shower activity around the area. no severe weather in our region. i really don't think we are going to see much of a severe weather threat tonight. strong storms yes, but we will talk about the chance of severe weather in a second. first off, look at the cloud cover. we have showers toward the rockville area that is all they are, showers. you can see them on storm team4 radar right now. those showers making their way on through the area from west off to the east. montgomery county frederick county, back to the west, shower activity, not a single i do mean not a single thunderstorm in our area, only chance down to the south. where our severe thunderstorm watches, includes st. mary's county, westmoreland, spotsylvania, orange county. that is it. to the north not under that watch, just going to see the phones for heavy rain, i think as we move on through the overnight hours. i'm no longer looking at a chance for severe weather in our region. the heaviest you weather, between 7 and 11 tonight, downpours, maybe slick roads maybe some areas of high winds, some hail and lightning but not a widespread severe weather
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convenient. talk much more about this convenient and the saturday convenient. if you have got saturday plans i have got that forecast coming up. >> thanks, doug. the governor of maryland today said he intends to spend $2 billion to improve roads, highways and bridges. he also had something to say about the con strollers purple line. could be a rough road ahead for that one. our coverage on all this begins with adam tuss who is in annapolis now. >> reporter: what happened here today is going to be remembered for a long time just because the governor is dedicating so much money to these projects. 270, specifically targeted to congestion relief between the 270 splitd and 370. we can see vehicles using the shoulder lanes there. on route 1, the corridor at the university of maryland where so many pedestrians have been hit trying to cross the road.
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a new change to the greenbelt, a way to support the development like the phones fbi headquarters there lots of money being set aside for roads. >> i have made it very clear that building, maintaining and fixing maryland's roads and brims is our top transportation transportation priority. >> reporter: as far as the planned purple line is concerned, the governor says he plans to move forward with it says the state will be paying less and montgomery county and prince george's county will have to kick in more to be built. the purple line is a light rail streetcar-type system that will connect bethesda and new carrollton. back to you. >> the purple line alive is good news for dozens of current and potential construction projects along that proposed line. that includes this new library in silver spring. this was specifically built so that trains could run underneath it. not everyone is happy with
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today's announcement however. tom sherwood is here with both sides of this debate. tom? >> reporter: wendy, the governor's go-ahead had many qualification. it didn't really satisfy those fighting over the purple line. the new silver spring library it had a unique construction feature. the project already has a built-in spacing the future purple line stop. >> this cut through is designed to let the purple line come and make an easier turn onto wayne avenue. >> reporter: library visitors had mixed feelings. >> the traffic has increased, even in the middle of the day tremendously. so the purple line would be really, really helpful. >> not spend the money? >> that money could be used for something else getting the parking garage by the actual station bob great. and getting the lines they have now up to par. >> reporter: the purple line today got only a qualified go ahead from governor hogan. local governments and private companies would have to come up of
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millions more dollars, leaving the plan's future funding and purple line supporters uncertain. >> the longer you delay make the decision the more it's going to cost. it is better to bite the bullet and start building. >> reporter: anti-purple line activists are not happy either. they cringe at the east/west purple line as unnecessary and destructive. >> the top ten congestion needs of montgomery county, according to their own studies, are north and south, not east and west that this will make it worse. >> montgomery county and prince george's county make more of the cost -- >> reporter: as the breaking nice came over the nbc washington app opponents fight on. >> if it's on this route. he will have a owe pon nen nent-- opponents raise questions as well. who has the most to win and
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lose? we broke it down, go to webb and search purple -- and search purple line. learning more about governor's bat with cancer. the tests show the non-hodgkin's lymphoma has not spread to his bone marrow. that means the governor is at what's called stage three. he will begin chemotherapy on monday. the first treatment is scheduled to last four days. he will stay in the hospital for that time. the governor announced his diagnosis this past monday. the affordable care act lives on. today the supreme court rejected a challenge to president obama's health care law, set federal subsidies can be paid to consumers in every state. republican leaders are already looking ahead to the next battle. steve handelsman is live at the supreme court with the latest on this. steve? >> reporter: thanks. this is a dmv story in the district of columbia, 1400 people enjoy these federal subsidies. in maryland, 78,000, in
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virginia, 286,000. they would have lost them. but here at the high court, again, swigd obamacare, conservative chief justice john roberts. he said losing the subsidies would put obamacare into a death spiral and the subsidies were saved. outside the supreme court, keeping his health care coverage in michigan is this man. >> i'm extremely happy with it. >> you keep your insurance? >> yes. >> and your subsidies? >> yes. >> which you need? >> a lot of people i know as well. >> this is a big sigh of relief for millions of people across the country. >> reporter: 6.4 million of the 10 million signed up for obamacare could have lost subsidies average $3200 a year. they had signed up on the federal exchange. and the obamacare law reads subsidies are paid in exchanges established by the state. but by 6-3, the justices looked
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past that. chief justice john roberts again siding with obamacare. frustrated conservative justice antonin scalia joked -- it's a huge victory for president obama. >> after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to stay. >> reporter: so is the republican battle against obamacare. >> we are going to continue our efforts to do everything we can to put the american people back in charge of their own health care. >> reporter: but the next round will not be at the high court. it will be at the ballot box next year. every republican running for president vows to sign any repeal of obamacare passed by congress. live at the u.s. supreme court steve handlesman, news4. >> thanks, steve. the supreme court ruling
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today appears to have made time stand still in the oval office. pete sousa posted this photo today saying 10-10-26 on his camera time, the president learned about the decision, adding around that same time, this clock in the oval office stopped working. you can't have a big supreme court ruling without the running of the interns. as soon as handed down, the young budding journalists make a mad dash to their reporters outside. it is a quarter-mile run, a race to see who can break the news first on the air. in the past week, we have seen a major spike in violent crime in the district, including a man who was shot and killed and his body thrown in a trash can and set on fire. last night, yet another shooting left a man critically injured. this one happened along galen street in southeast d.c. pat collins went out to ask the police chief about all this. pat? >> reporter: jim the last week in our city, we have been
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averaging a murder a day. this morning, another shooting that could have deadly consequences. today's shooting at 16th and galen street southeast. the time, about 3:45 this morning. the victim said to be a young man in his early 20s. his condition is said to be critical. homicide detectives are keeping an eye on this case. now, more news about the burned body in trip dad. it was tuesday morning. a large green trash bag on fire behind this vacant house on holbrooke terrace. when firefighters put it out, they found a body inside. at the time, burned beyond recognition. today, the medical examiner called it a case of murder. the cause of death gunshot wounds. the victim said to be a black
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adult miami. >> appears to be an adult male. we are working to try and identify who that person is. we have been back out in the neighborhood talking to people in the community and right now, following up on a couple leads. >> reporter: the homicide in trinidad brings the murder count this year to 64. a 20% increase over the same time last year. >> we will get it under control. we are meeting daily on the cases that we have that are open and we are making good progress. we will have some photos here in the next couple of days. >> reporter: cops trying to do what they can to stop the violence in our city. jim back to you. thanks >> thanks, pat. 40% of the people arrested for violent crimes have synthetic drugs in their system, police tell us. synthetic drugs usually are divided -- pardon me, into two categories, synthetic marijuana and something called bath salts. they are dangerous because people who use them really don't know what chemicals they are
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ingesting. and the makers of the drugs are constantly changing what's in them so that they can get around existing laws. coming up next the first victims of the charleston church shootings are laid to rest. all this amid growing calls here in washington to take down images honoring confederate history at our national cathedral. plans for multiple murders pepped in these journal entries seized from accused killer, charles severance. coming up a closer look at how his words about guns and ammo match up with evidence at the crimes. brand new cameras like this one are going to be going into prince george's county police cruisers.
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tonight three police officers in baltimore county have been placed on administrative leave after they shot and killed an unarmed black man. those officers were responded to a domestic situation at an apartment in owings mill early this morning. when they went in a man named spencer mccain confronted them, ber told, and the officers say they thought he had a gun. after shooting mccain they discovered he did not. one week after nine people were shot and killed inside a church in charleston, the first of the victims were laid to rest today. and the family of the man accused inacre is acknowledging the pain that he caused. nbc's jay gray has our story. >> reporter: as the memorial grows and the mourning continues, the man police say confessed to the racist killing spree inside the emanuel ame church, 21-year-old dylann roof, remains behind bars. today his family released a same which says, in part --
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nine people were gunned down during a bible study at the church and now a week later, the first of those victims are being laid to rest. funeral services were held today for ethel lance, a retiree and dedicated member of the church, and reverend sharonda coleman singleton, a speech therapist and high school track coach. after a public viewing wednesday at the south carolina state house, the body of reverend clementa pinckney is coming home. hundreds are expected to file through the church today during a wake of the senator and pastor, who was leading the bible study at the mother emanuel last week when the shots rang out, thousands are expected to pay their respects tomorrow, including president obama, who will deliver the eulogy at pinckney's funeral. and because the crowd expected here tomorrow, the service will be held in the arena on the college of charleston campus. jay gray nbc news, charleston, south carolina. the deep of the national
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cathedral here in washington wants the stained class windows that display the confederate flag to be removed from the church. the initial intention was to foster reconciliation of the parts of the country divided by the civil war but now he says it has emerged as a symbol of white supremacy and calling on the governing bodies of come up with a new window design. confederate statue in richmond, virginia is one of the latest to be man vandalndaln vandalized this week. richmond is the former capital of the confederacy. thursday, summer, rain out there. tracking more storms. what an interesting pattern. what a soggy one we have. >> and going to get a lot soggier as we head into the day on saturday.
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saturday is going tonight big day -- going to be the big day as far as the rain is concerned. i think the severe weather threat is really, really starting to wane now, as we move on through the rest of the evening hours. the reason, you can see there, the cloud cover. we have seen clouds all day across our region. because of those clouds, we have a lower threat as far as severe weather is concerned. right now reston live camera actually see the showers coming through. this is a band of showers making its way around the reston and herndon area. right now, downtown no rain across our region, current temperature, 84 degrees. dew point 64. on the moist side, yeah, we don't have that high heat and high humidity. we would have seen sunshine today work we have seen temperatures close to 90 degrees. with did hethat, we did not get that. with those cooler numbers we are not going to get severe weather there for sure. all seeing the rain back to the area. here is that little shower
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coming through the reston area, on through bethesda, northwest, very light shower activity for the most part. heaviest rain back to the west and then just to the north and east. wider picture, we saw sunshine earlier today, we have severe thunderstorms, around the richmond area severe thunderstorm watch orange county, spotsylvania, st. mary's county in our region, nobody else to the north in that watch, not expecting more in the bay of severe weather, because of this system, pretty strong system making its way on will youthrough here. wasn't able to scour out the clouds. see a chance of rain, along this boundary right in here what we are going to be watching as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. even a tornado warning to the south of norfolk. for us, i think the threat -- main threat is going to be heavy rain. there's some of that around 7:00 showers and a few thunderstorms. look at 10:00 though. that's where that band that i just mentioned comes through the area and southern maryland has a good chance to see heavier rain. could be around d.c. around 9, 10:00 tonight as well. so, if you're going out, take
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the umbrella tonight. i don't think you will need it tomorrow. however, could see a couple of showers, that's all they will be showers, maybe a rumble of thunder or two, nothing too strong on friday. saturday a different story. saturday morning, 8:00, we have rain around the area, notice around 1:00, we start to see some storms come through. warmer we get, see sunshine, could see severe weather on saturday. saturday afternoon you have maps into the evening, expect rain andin to be very heavy at times. some locations could pick up one to two inches, may see a flash flood watch issued for the day on saturday. high of only 78 degrees, 80 on sunday, sunday, much better as far as the day is concerned. then temperatures moving back into the upper 80s to around 90 degrees, we head toward monday and into tuesday. >> thanks doug. still to come tonight, two shark sightings been days of each other at a popular beach resort in maryland. a new twist in the murder trial of the man accused of killing uva student hannah graham. why the suspect's defense team is asking the judge to step
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down. this is scott macfarlane at the capital, new fallout found out doctors at the national institute of health wasting millions of dollars
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officials at a seller to in prince george's county have not responded tonight about requests whether a casket washed out of his burial plot has been reburied. you might see the pictures of the up earthed casket, found on father's day at the cedar hill cemetery in suitland maryland. today, our camera crew did see what appears to be large concrete blocks for a new retaining wall that was also washed out. but not able to see whether any
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actual work was done to rebury the casket and no one at the cemetery will respond to our requests. there is new fallout from a news4ism-team investigation into government spending after one agency spent millions on controversial new paperwork so they could attend medical conference. as scott macfarlane reports, local members of congress are now stepping in. >> reporter: tonight, because of a news4 i-team investigation, top congressional leaders asking the federal government to chang its travel rules to try to save the nih some money. in the bake of some very pricey government conferences like this one, in wittism rs spent taxpayer money making campy videos and hiring performance artists, the feds recently required a new rigid series of paperwork be completed before federal workers be allowed to travel to future conferences. the i-team found the national institutes of health which must send doctors and researchers to medical conferences has burned through $15 million in three years simply filling out all that paperwork.
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it is manpower wasted said the nih's director. tonight, u.s. senator ben cardin of maryland said what the i-team found is appalling. he is asking the u.s. office of management and budget, which oversees government travel, to streamline their paperwork requirements and help save the nih some of the time and money it spends. and local congresswoman, eleanor holmes norton, says she, too, is going to ask the feds to ease off. >> wasting more money than we are saving. moreover, we are keeping critical personnel from attending conference brs travel is necessary for them to do their work. were respect u.s. office of budget and management says it is considering easing off the travel requirements but that paperwork has saved money. $3 billion they say, in recent years. at the senate, scott macfarlane news4 i-team. >> see the i-team's full report on how much money the paper predicament is costing nih on the nbc washington app. click on investigations.
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still to come tonight, some controversy over police dash cams in one local county. the death of an officer recently revealed that some of the equipment doesn't work. tonight, we will tell you what's being done about that. jesse matthew a step closer to facing trial in the abduction and death of hannah graham. we are just out of court where the judge laid out a timeline as to when that trial would take place and a case,
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the family of hannah graham will have to wait for a year for the trial by the man accused of killing her, jesse matthew. today, a judge set the trial date for 2016. the judge also refused a request from the defense for her to recuse herself from the trial.
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virginia bureau reporter, david culver, is in charlottesville now. so report why the defense wanted the xbrunl to step away. >> reporter: jesse matthew's defense, wheeling in just some of the many boxes of evidence in this case evidence collected in part because of judge cheryl higgin higgins. the judge signed off on more than two dozen search warrants executed against matthew, one of the reasons the defense wanted judge higgins to step aside. you would basically have to find your own decisionmaking was somehow flawed, matthew's lead attorney told her. the judge responded, excuse me, but xbrunls do ss do that all the time. #judges do that all the time.
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>> reporter: jill harrington's daughter, morgan, abducted leaving a concert in 2009, maked to but never charged in her case. >> i feel like this has again on so long and i really want to get to a place of completion. >> reporter: the july 2016 trial is expected to last four weeks. the prosecution says they could call up to 50 witnesses. both sides acknowledging this is just the start of what could be a very long process. in charlottesville, i'm david culver, news4. we are working to find out if a truck driver is going to be charged for deadly crash on i-95. a tractor trailer drove into a
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construction zone near the icc in beltsville, maryland, this morning killing a construction worker. the truck driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. no word tonight on what caused this accident. the news4 i-team did a little bit of digging, found there were at least 50 deaths from accidents in maryland last year that involved large trucks or commercial buses. as of june 8th of this year there were 28. those numbers come from the highway safety office and they are still preliminary. the death of a prince george's county county police officer led to the discovery of a wider problem within that department. tracee wilkins explains how the force is spending to broken dashboard cameras that were discovered in a recent audit. >> reporter: prince george's county officer was killed after losing control of his squad car while in pursuit of a speeding vehicle. investigators tried to retrieve video from his dashboard camera. >> during the course of that investigation we realized that
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he had an in-car camera that does not activate at the time he turns on his lights. >> reporter: that meant no video showing the speeding vehicle or how he responded. >> no bun is more disappointed when we, during the course of an investigation, go to get that video and realize that the camera in question was not operational. >> reporter: his was not the only vehicle without a working dash cam. some 30% of the cameras in the fleet weren't working, according to prince george's county police. the parts to repair them were out of date. now they are getting an upgrade from dvd-based cameras to hard drives. >> initially, a tiny little screen, i think it might have been a black and white. >> reporter: new high-tech cameras will also be helpful for police training. >> being able to utilize real-world scenarios, officers encountering subjects who are sometimes violent, react in ways that we may not be expecting, those are valuable, valuable training tools for us. >> reporter: the officer offduty while driving his squad car that night had an elevated alcohol level when the accident
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happened. it is not believed that impacted the crash, but there's no telling what having a working camera might have shown. now, this change suspect going to happen overnight. as prince george's county replaces its police cruisers with new ones, they will also replace the cameras. in palmer park, tracee wilkins, news4. take a look at our stormy weather, moving down to our south. doug is here to let us know what's coming this weekend. sk yeah, guys you think that is going to be the case we see a chance for very heavy rainfall. right now just rain around our region. severe thunderstorm watch st. mary's county, westmoreland, spot sill rain issylvania county fredericksburg, into the overnight the best chance of severe weather. back to the west just looking at showers. yes there are areas of heavier rain back toward the west. something we are going to watch. this whole system has to move through the region. we are going to see heavier bouts of rain as we move the overnight.
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heading out 7, 8, 9, 10:00, take the umbrella with you. the se looks like it will stay to the south. i will update own the saturday forecast. plans again on saturday, i have go that the forecast for you coming up. >> thanks, doug. a second arrest in connection with that prison break in new york. this one is one of the prison guards.
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three d.c. police officers have a new hopper this evening for saving little boy's life. officers thomas moore, shannon strange and steven gianni were all honored with the act of valor award. the trio came to the aid of an 8-year-old boy who had been shot in the head last october in northeast. rather than wait for an ambulance, the officers picked up the boy and rushed him to the hospital. >> it was a terrifying day. we have to act fast and just go on with our job. >> i'm going forward. glad he is doing a lot better now today. . we caught up with the little boy and his fam lay couple months ago. he may never recover all of his cognitive ability bus doctors say his improvement has been
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remarkable. he had no idea he was helping two convicted killers escape. that is what a new york state prison guard told police today. his name is gene palmer he is out on bond now, be rained on monday. er is accused of passing frozen hamburger meat to richard matt and david sweat. those are the two guys who broke out of the prison. a prison seamstress told investigators she smuggled hacksaw blades and tools inside that meat. palmer says he was passing on the meat in exchange for paintings created by matt. new jersey's governor chris christie plans to announce they'll run for president. the formal announcement scheduled to be made next tuesday. christie will be the 14th republican in the contest. recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll found that only
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36% of gop primary voters say they can see themselves supporting him. isis bana bes in america are turning their focus to waging jihad locally instead of traveling overseas to fight, according to a new report from the fordham law school's center for national security. it analyzes terrorism suspects arrested in the last 15 months. eight out of ten are u.s. citizens. the average age, 26. 85% are men. and one-third have converted to islam. experts say it's hard to profile isis-inspired terrorists because they come from all ethnic backgrounds. coming up tonight, one man charged in three high-profile murders. tonight, an inside look at the note becomes by charles severance, notebooks that showed his handwritten messages about death. a warning on the water after someone captured this at one of our
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poetry about murder and entries into a journal about his favorite gut will be allowed as evidence at the triple murder trial of a man named charlesself reps. defense lawyers complained that those writings could turn the jury againstself perhaps, but julie carey reports the judge ruled those notes could be important. >> reporter: prosecutors say these are the handwritten massivemis massives of a killer and they provide the motives for three well-known alexandria residents a bitter child custody battle turned severance vengeful. #
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>> reporter: the prosecutor had an anticipate saying he didn't care who he killed, saying he may not have written about his victims because he chose them at random in their affluent neighborhood. the prosecutor introduced this message. "introduce murder into a safe and secure neighborhood. it shudders with horror." all three victims were shot at their front door. here's part of a severance-penned poem prosecutors will use at trial. "knock, talk, enter, kill exit, murder, wisdom." self reps business are guns and ammo, .22 minirevolver, hollow pointed below the speed of sound is sweet music and very, very effective. the forensic report found
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low-velocity bullets were used in all three killings, something never seen in a murder before. in fairfax county i'm julie carey, news4. a warning to people who maybe heading out to the beach this weekend two hammer head sharks have been spotted in the past week in ocean city. there's one of them someone captured on video. he looks like he is having fun there in the surf. >> frolicking. >> the hammerhead. the beach patrol is urging people to be on alert but expert says hammerheads are normally harmless to humans. vance isn't buying it. >> they are gonna need a bigger beach. >> water. expect delays if you plan to travel for the fourth of july holiday. aaa says 42 million people will be traveling around the country the highest number since '07. 85% in their cars. the low gas prices, the strongerall got people deciding they are going to take a vacation this year. >> why not? >> why not? >> trip. >> road trip. >> pack up the kids. >> my wife is freaking out about
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those shark sightings in ocean city, we are supposed to go next week. >> who can blame her? >> i'm going in the water, man. >> you know. >> come on. >> take a camera. >> go pro on your head. >> no hammer heads. take a look out there right now, today, we have the shower activity, that is it. the severe weather threat is down to the south. i alluded to that last night i tweeted that out about 11:00 this morning, most likely see these clouds most of the day. that's exactly what we have seen, the clouds snuck in any time you have clouds like this, very hard to get any instability the atmosphere, 84 degrees temperatures dropping through the 70s by 9 and 11:00, look at this, showers and just plain rain, it will be a fairly steady rain, right now, most of it on the light to moderate side. not anticipating anything too heavy get down to our south. 73 gaithersburg 80 toward baltimore, very hard to get severe weather with temperatures in the 70s. we have sunshine today severe weather in parts of the area.
6:49 pm
we are starting to see, i do expect to see more of these storms, more of the showers becoming a little bit heavier what we are seeing now, down the warren scenario, rappahannock county, over toward the east. looking at rain showers gaithersburg, frederick steadier rain coming will you charlestown back toward bin chester and then some heavier rain up toward western maryland. this whole area is going to swing on through here and we are going to see a chance for some of those heavier showers, but that's it the bulk of the severe weather, see the severe thunderstorm warning down to the south, watch includes st. mary's county, parts of the northern neck and spotsylvania counties. that is it. this system moves through overnight, see a pretty nice day tomorrow, clouds more likely than sunshine tomorrow. 85 tomorrow, saturday, high of 78. a lot of people asking about saturday, a lot of people have maps during the day on saturday. i think saturday is going to be a fairly wet day. we are going to see temperatures that are going to be about 78, but rain could be very heavy on saturday afternoon. we get to 80 on sunday, 87,
6:50 pm
monday. well, thens, in he can week, back on the hot and humid side, chance of storms tuesday, maybe wednesday. >> thanks doug. sports coming up. nba draft coming up. who do you like? also, the nats' winning streak, man, they are hot. stay tuned.
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let me see if i get the math right, a couple weeks ago, they play 11 games, win three, lose eight. last few day play 11 games, win eight, lose three. >> here is the thing about today they did it without bryce harper and anthony ron doan, two of the better hitters in the lineup. nationals have two impressive streaks going on at the moment, the first being six consecutive wins and then there's a starting rotation, 41 1/3rd scoreless innings pitched by the group a
6:54 pm
franchise record. this team, they are playing with heavy hearts now bench coach randy knorr not rkswife, kimberly passed this week. desmond at the dish, hits one to third. kelly johnson throws this ball away. ramos scores. nats an early 2-0 lead. next inning, up 4-0. desmond. he is going yard this time two-run blast, sixth of the year starting to heat up right now, nation ast up 6-0. meanwhile, on the mound doug fister, the latest pitching performance on this team the defense today, too, this is what they call spanning. beautiful catch by the center fielder, denard span. the nats, for starters, scoreless streak, 41 1/3rd innings, 7-0 they win it over the braves. rubber game for the orioles today, trying to take the series
6:55 pm
against the red sox. top of the fourth, tied at one. matt wheaters at the dish, no the coming back orioles score six in the inning, up 6-1. bottom of the ninth. zack britain close the door of the two-run lead. bogarts grounds a fielder's choice to end the ballgame. o's take it 8-6. now won 15-20 games. congratulations to the virginia cavaliers, 2015 ncaa baseball champions. they took down vanderbilt, 4-2 revenge against the commodores who beat them in the title game last year big year for the university of virginia athletics. the baseball team joins them in soccer and tennis teams as national champions. some basketball for a moment. the nba draft taking place tonight. the wizards have the 19th overall pick. also a few local players expect
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to be taken tonight. justin anderson left uva a year early for the draft. he and his family have been waiting for this moment for a long time. kara moloney is at his draft party with more on his big night. >> reporter: a dream is about to come true. we are in fredericksburg for justen anderson's draft party. the man of the hour not here yet, but his mama is. who knows him best kim anderson, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling wonderful thank you. exciting moment for us. >> we have something you put together, justin hasn't even seen this yet, kim worked so hard on this. looking at all of these pictures, how far has he come? >> oh wow this has just been an awesome journey. >> we talked to him yesterday when he was at nats park and talked about preparing for this emotional night. i think going to be very overwhelming, seeing my family there overjoyed. that's what we live for, just trying to make our families happy and this has been a life long dream of mine. i just remember growing up shooting in a -- shooting right in front of my house, no one was
6:57 pm
around, all of that is finally starting to come into something. >> reporter: justin says he is going to be overwhelm.ed tonight. not the only one. no he is not. >> deep breaths here the party is about to get started, have where he is picked an his reaction tonight on news4 at 11:00. back to you guys. >> thanks, carol. one other name we will keep an eye on jauron grant, notre dame, a guard invited to the draft in new york.eran grant, notre dame, a guard, invited to the draft in new york. he is the son of harvey grant who spent seven seasons with the bullets and wizards. nba mvp steph curvy a great shooter but check out his wife, nine months pregnant with their second child. nba three-pointer too. nba three-point range for asia curry. >> all right. runs in the family. >> yeah. >> we want to hear anderson's reaction, i want to hear his m
6:58 pm
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tonight, the obamacare victory at the supreme court. a resounding ruling as the president's signature law survives again. cheers on the left, anger on the right. tonight, what it means for millions of americans and how it affects the race for the white house. shocking new twists in the manhunt for two inmates on the run. a second prison worker is arrested as investigators y he gave them access for the hidden passage they used to escape. trump gets dumped, a firestorm as a force in spanish language television says it won't air his beauty pageant because of what he said about mexicans. you'll hear from him right here as trump fires back. and sleep divorce, more and more couples sleeping in separate rooms for their health and for their sanity. why a lot of them say


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